Understanding Change

As a Change Agent you often have to be able to understand the dynamics of change. Especially for processes where it is either too slow or too hard to come by.Different people will percive the change in different ways and some may not be able to see any change at all . This will lead to bad decision, giving up too early in the project and also frustations.

So how do we learn to  see the subtle process of change?

This is evident when you break down different phases of transformation for example; transforming a process from adhoc management to a one which is managed for continuos improvement:

We could possibly use the following phases as a lens to see our progress:

1. Observe

2. Observe to Detect

3. Detect to Measure

4. Measure to improve

The process does necessarily will follow this pattern , nor you should consider these words as only way to describe it, the important part is being able to differentiate between different phases and make sure there is progress  in the change process.  As this skill develops with practice it becomes an important skill to maintain your focused and keeping the team aligned during long projects.