Become a Good Manager: Change Yourself Before Changing Others

Before you start on any change process like Lean you have to understand yourself and what you want. You have to focus on one thing that is important. Understanding and experiencing the change yourself is the only path to become a good change agent. Thus the focus is changing you.

The changes that need to be done in most organizations, big or small, are of almost revolutionary nature. If you do not prepare yourself for the war you will be destroyed the first day you set foot into the battle.

The changes that will take or should take place are not merely physical. You have to prepare yourself to change the way people behave and think. Changing the way you behave and think may need to be changed. For this you need to have an open mind. We had previously discussed the exercise to clear your mind here. This readies you to learn new things.

The next step is learning how to simplify and minimize.

“Perfection is achieved ,not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away” – Antoine De Saint-Exupery


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Did that thought worry you? Are you afraid of letting go something? This is exact same fear going through the minds of people you are trying to change. As leader you have to understand the psychology to be more effective change agent.  The core of lean is about understanding what is of value and what is not. You should practice it in your daily life and work before you start preaching it to others.

So what do you think should be minimized and simplified?

2 thoughts on “Become a Good Manager: Change Yourself Before Changing Others”

  1. When i attend a Lean Leadership Coarse the first week was about changing you and how you viewed change/process/manufacturing/problem solving etc etc. Within this coarse they issued 2 books as part of coarse material and i still refer to both these books on occasion today. They are not text books on how to approach this and how to do that they are simply 2 books they make you ask question of yourself and WHY, WHEN,WHERE and HOW are you going to change before embarking on delivering change and from all the candidates on this cohort they all found the answers them selves by asking them selves how do the books refer to them.
    These books are
    1. Who Moved My Cheese by Dr Spencer Johnson. As you read try to attach yourself to a character in first 2/3 pages and you will discover what character you are, this should help you recognise what you need to change in yourself, in addition you will find yourself allocating characters to people you know and thus helps you to identify those that may need the extra support in the Lean Journey.

    2 The 21 Indispensable Qualities Of A Leader by John C.Maxwell. In this book the Author approaches the 21 qualities he believes makes great leaders and introduces each one with a short story of a famous and/or successful leader then each has 4 other section to each chapter
    1) Fleshing out the story.
    2) Reflecting on it.
    3)Bring it Home (this is an exercises section that gets you asking questions about yourself then ask Why this refers to you, When are you going to change it, How to change it and Where you will best use this change).
    4)The daily takeaway basically sums up the chapter with a small paragraph and a 1 sentence comment.
    If anyone dose take time to read this book i will be extremely surprised if they don’t take anything from it in a way of looking at yourself and thinking i need to change that.


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