Learning : A Way to Retain Talent


How often you have spent time and effort to hire talented people for your organization and lost them after you have invested significant amount of time training them. The fact is , however hard to believe, they leave because we lack the training….. the right kind of training. Most industrial training is about how to do the mundane tasks of a particular job. This does not improve the talent of the person nor does it create a spark of interest in a person who is inclined to be knowledge driven. For this type individuals who are creative problems solvers and strive to develop and improve themselves by taking up new challenges, learning something new is a big motivation and a stimulant for happiness. Continuous learning helps people to feel the sense of achievement which may be even harder to achieve by increase in salary.

A good organization hires the right people, a great organization trains and develops their people continually building stronger long term relationship with their employees. Training and learning is not only the means to retain the right talent but also attracts similar minded people to join the organization.

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